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Launched outta Highport at 6 a.m.  Made the mistake of listening to others instead of following my gut.  Anyway, after a LONG boat ride to the pump station and Butterfly Cove........headed back west.  Stopped in several places where I thought the birds were working only to find that the loons were pushing fish.

Hit Soldier and Caney Creeks.  Finally marked more fish in the area of the Cross.  Drifted in 45 feet of water.  Fish coming through at about 30-35 feet.

Fished up with 13 nice fish.  Caught some nice fish on the original PP green chartreuse / white.

I think a couple of things made it tough.  (1) practically zero no drift and (2) barometric pressure was up.  Fish don't feel comfortable with a high barometric pressure.

But it was a pretty good day as I wound up the morning by eating a Burrito Supreme at Arroyo's.  😉

"Fish ReAct to ReAxtion Lures"
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