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Headed out of Highport this morning with Loco Pescado Fishing Guide Service, aka Thomas Powell.  Thomas was scouting for a trip tomorrow so I tagged along today.  😉

We hit several places and did nothing but slabs.  Had good luck on 2 ounce ReAxtion Texas slabs and 1.5 ounce ReAxtion Prune Pickers.  Fish were finicky in most places we tried.  But the best action today was out in deep water (65 feet or so).  Fish were suspended at 30 to 40 feet.

Several areas we could clearly see the thermocline at 40 feet.

This morning was cloudy and misted rain a few times.  We caught some good box fish and several overs.  I caught a double one time (one on teaser and one on the slab).  A lot of fun.

Not sure what will happen tomorrow as it is supposed to be sunny.

We came in about 10:15 or so and it was just beginning to clear up.

Hit Arroyo's for lunch.  Their food is really good and very reasonably priced.  😉

"Fish ReAct to ReAxtion Lures"

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Thnx for the report Ax. I'm always eager for a post from someone who knows the lake so well. I cannot get the fish to hit slabs for some reason. It's not lack of experience, we've dropped on some really good looking schools and tried everything from deadsticking to burning. Can't figure it out. I haven't tried the 3 oz. size maybe that'll be my next thing try and get them going.


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Got to keep the lines tight when slabbing. Took me forever to catch one on a slab, but they do work. I probably do the best with them at the marina dock's in deep water just before sunup.
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