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Took my son and a friend yesterday.  Being teenagers they joined me on the lake at 11:00.  Needless to say I had covered a little water before their arrival.  Wolf Island was the the choice of the fish.  Went to Isle De Boise point and caught a few.  Boys were getting restless...
Headed to a new spot called" the gravel pits" on the map.  First pass 6 fatties in the boat.  Played out another 5 or 6 passes.  Took the boys back to the ramp and headed back out.  Back to The Gravel Pits and put 9 more plus a slab crappie in the box.  It seemed the later n the day with the sun popping out turned them on.
Slab color made no difference, they only hit the flies the better part of the day.  Threw back 30 or so.
Never a bad day when I can spend time with family.

I'll be hitting Roberts again Friday.

Can't wait to get a few days to hit Texoma again. 12-21 roberts.jpg 

Don't tell my wife, She thinks I'm working.

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Nuthin' better than findin' a new spot, AND catchin' fish. [thumb]

From what I'm learnin' Winter fishin' can be more Teenager Friendly.
Start times of 10-11 are quite acceptable, and it's not uncommon to fish the Afternoon Shift.[smile]

Good job on gettin' the kids out there and catchin' some!!!
Appreciate the report.


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