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One of the Six Old Geezers favorite events was to take the kids from Camp Cavett out fishing each July.

This month, Thursday, 26 July, we take the kids out striper fishing.  On Saturday, 28 July, we take the kids out fishing for whatever we can catch.   😉

If you can help with this event, it is certainly most appreciated.

You can go online and contact Camp Cavett for how to register on line to be a guide.  It's an awesome event for kids with serious illnesses.

Each boat usually takes 4 or 5 kids out.  There is a Camp Cavett counselor on each boat so you don't have to worry about the kid's medications or things like that.  Just let 'em have fun.

Catching fish is a bonus as most of the time they just want to boat ride and drive the boat. 😉

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I finally managed to do this event last year and was amazed.  Even with my big old barge, everybody had fun.  I plan to do this every year from now on.  Maybe this year some of the pros will clue me in on where to fish...   😉  David R.
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