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I was fishing with a buddy the other day and he told me that some one on FaceBook was doing a non-painted versus painted egg weight comparison.

I had to laugh a bit.

When I fished the TSA trail, we already knew that.  [smile]

In fact, some of the painted weights I make actually caught fish.  The fish hit the weight, the weight got lodged in the fishes' mouth, and the customer reeled in the fish.

I make the egg sinkers but I leave the painting up to the customer cause it's a real pain.

I paint all my personal egg sinkers green chartreuse and after the green base dries, I hit it with a tad bit of glow orange.  Works real well.

I use pencil weights most of the time.  I like them because you don't have the egg sinker running up and down your main line chaffing it etc.  Plus, with the pencil weight, you just tie it inline with the main line and you don't need a glass bead to protect the knot from the egg weight.

I started making these years ago and my customers complained of line twist.  I solved that issue by going to two (2) split rings and two (2) swivels.

You can also buy several, remove the swivel, and hook the split rings together to increase the weight if you need to.  I do this when trolling sometimes as I'll use the pencil weight inline with the main line to get a lighter lure down a bit deeper.

What do you guys like?  Egg or Pencil??


I make the eggs in 1 and 1.5 ounce.

The Pencils come in 1.25, 1.75 and 2.5 ounce sizes.

"Fish ReAct to ReAxtion Lures"

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I really like the pencils. They worked excellent when we live bait fished with you last season.[smile]
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