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Jerry "JD" Dorsey

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It has been a great couple of months, with birds diving, and fish splashing all over the lake.  It is easy to get a limit, and hard to stay out on the water, as 10 fish per person, 2 over twenty inches, comes quickly.  You can "catch and release", just so long (releasing healthy fish) but it all results in a lot of fun on Lake Texoma.   Just don't go over the limit, as it is the law, and enforced by our Texas game wardens.  Speaking of Texas Game Wardens, I have to tip my hat and say thanks for those Game Wardens, helping, Operation Welcome Home, soldiers, wounded or not,  from combat.  Amazing that,  all the side tracking, false news, we still have good folks who support lots of good causes.  Anyway, thanks to the game wardens who respond when called, and keep this lake "legal", with the laws and restrictions.  And thanks for covering the lakes,woods,  and even the borders, dangerous as they are now.  And good fishing to all the folks out there on beautiful Lake Texoma
jerry d Dorsey

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I second the show of respect for the Game Wardens.  I've been checked many a time, have never been ticketed, and have always been treated in a friendly and respectful manner during the process.

They get a lot of flak from the people who try to push the boundaries of or flat-out ignore the game regulations, but without them the excellent fishing you mentioned wouldn't be happening, for sure.
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