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I've been asked about how to tie on a teaser hook to the main line.

I ain't no expert but I've screwed up about every technique I could think of until I found one method that works for me.

Some folks will tie a small swivel on the main line and then use a duo lock to put the teaser hook on.  I've done that and it works well.  The only problem I had was if I broke off out on the lake, it was a hassle looking for a swivel / duo lock etc.  I tend to be unorganized.

But, I use nothing but braided line when I slab.  And I use open face spinning rods; not bait casters.  That might be sacrilege to some but I can feel the fish better with a spinning rod.

I use 20# fluorocarbon tied to the braid using a double uni knot.  I've never had a knot failure.

Then, about 18 to 24 inches up the main line, I tie a drop loop and leave about a 2 to 3" loop hanging out.  I then tie the teaser onto the loop using a cat paw knot.

I've not had one of these fail when catching two 17" sand bass at a time.  I don't use a net on sandies.  I just lift 'em into the boat.

I tried 15# fluorocarbon but it just wasn't strong enough.  The line would break at the drop loop or at the swivel.

Loco Pescado told me to upsize the line as feeding sand bass didn't care.  He was right.  I catch just as many using 20# leader as I did with 15# leader.  I switched to 20# 3 weeks ago and haven't lost a fish yet.

Just sayin.....

"Fish ReAct to ReAxtion Lures"

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Very similar here Ax except I only fish bait casting reels gone back to all braid 40lb Gloss is the best casting line I have ever use period! The green is really good here, to leader as you do but I us 50 lb leaders, the hybrids gill areas have cut many smaller leaders and I get as many on 50 as I did on anything else, dropper look to a curly tails grub white and yellow/gr, same rig for deadstick except jig head and fluke and use barrel swivel from line to leader. I got a triple hybrid hook up Wed with this.

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Would you mind posting a quick pic of that rig?  Many Thx.
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