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I hate to say it but Lewisville has been on fire catching Sand Bass with a few Hybrids.  They are schooling on the main lake like they use to back in the 90's.  1 to 2 acres of boiling water.  Minor stretch of the truth, but they are schooling and staying up.

A week ago we kept 2 limits and threw back a least 100 fish.  Anything top water that's silver was magic.  The 4 Hybrids caught were feeding in the same school.

Got tired of reeling them in and decided to troll a deep Diver crank bait and think I caught my first Lewisville striper.  By my best guess we were close to if not on the gravel pit.  Finally plugged in the
L&L on my Lowrance and it took me to a place that's not even close to where all my maps say it is.

Since I depend heavily on luck because skill is not in my nature I marked it.  Plan on trolling the spot till it lets me down.

Glad the site is continuing!  Would enjoy being in the tournament and look forward to meeting some of y'all. IMG_8200.JPG  IMG_8188.JPG 

Don't tell my wife, She thinks I'm working.

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Those Keen sandals are the best, I quit Crocks unless I wear socks as they destroy the bottom of my feet, and you can't kick them off.

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Good to hear, I live just West of the lake, but haven't fished it in years.
Back in the early 90's I used to go after work in the summertime with some friends that lived in The Colony.
It was pretty reliable action, we launched at Stewart Creek Park and would find them in the Cut or fairly close thereby.

I need to start fishing some of these lakes that are closer to home.
I see all these 100+ fish days being reported and yet I go elswhere and work my butt off for a few dozen Sandies.
I'm talkin' Lewisville, RayBob, Grapevine....all closer to home with good established Sand Bass populations. 

Appreciate the report !!! [thumb]


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