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Meet my 2 college buddies that live in Houston and San Antonio at lake Somerville on Friday. Fished with Michael from Lake Livingston Adventures Friday morning. Caught sand bass all day long. Filleted 75 with him and threw back at least another 300. Went out on our own and caught another hundred and fifty.
Saturday we waited for the rain to end and got on the water about 1. Wasn't expecting much as the wind was strong out of the North. Finally laid down just enough for us to move across the lake to hump that we had caught fish on the day before and it was Game On Again. Put 40 in the boat in 20 minutes. That's not including all the ones we threw back! Had our limit by 3:30 then just caught for fun for another hour. It was absolutely crazy good!
The best part for me was that Michael really worked with me teaching me how to use my new Humminbird Helix Side Imaging graph. Was crazy how we could see Fish on the Side Imaging way out to the side, Mark a waypoint on them and then go over there using the GPS and there the fish were. Can't wait to use it again!

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Always awesome when you can get on a school of nonstop sandbass action!
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