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This isn't just a fishing report, it is also a "people" report...and a good one.

Decided to look for some sandies on Ray Roberts 2nd shift. Headed out about 3PM from the house and went over to Jordan State park ramp with my buddy Matt. I was going to pay my $7 when I realized I didn't have the correct bills and needed a single $1 bill. There was a gentleman sitting on the curb with his fishing tackle, obviously waiting for someone. Matt asked if he had change. He didn't, but had a $1 bill. He made us take it. About this time a guy pulls up in a F150 pulling a Lund, nice boat. We strike up a quick conversation, when he asked us "what are you guys fishing for?" We told him we were meat hunting for a buddy's fish fry. He says great. Know where to go? No idea was the answer. So, he said follow me and I will show you were to go. So we do, and he takes us to an area up north that there is no way we would go by ourselves, and did it at about 50MPH. He stops. Throws a slab down, and reels up a nice sandy. He said fish here. We said OK. He leaves to go bass fishing, and we proceed to have a blast and got a good supply of fillets for my buddy's fry. Story isn't done yet. He shows up and decides to fish for some meat. Stops, drops, and reels up a nice one. Then another. It has slowed way down for us, so he pulls over and gives us one of his slabs. Fishing picks back up. He says, "want to go to another place?" We said sure. So we go farther north, through forests of trees, again, at about 50MPH. We stop way up north and catch some more fish. Getting dark so we headed in, following close on his tail staying right in line with his prop wash. No way would I do that without him in the lead. By the way, we were talking about fishing, while we were fishing. Neither ever stopped. It was greatness.  Pull up to the boat ramp. Fishing has stopped now, but the discussions about fishing continued on, all the way up the ramp, and until we drove off. The man that owned the Lund name is Greg. These two gentleman were the salt of the Earth and about as friendly and helpful as anyone I have come across. He knows Axman, JD, Mark Mc, and many others, and hits Texoma a lot in May-June time frame. We got his number, and will definitely will keep in contact. If you come across Greg in the Lund, you need to meet him. Greg, if you read this, thank you for such incredible hospitality. To add to the story, we "randomly" stopped at Pedro's Mexican Restaurant in Pilot Point. May be the best Mexican food I have ever eaten. Highly recommend you stop in and try it.

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Great story Boxman. Yes he's a super nice gentleman. I met him before on the lake. He gave me a couple of his slabs. One of the slabs only had the eyes painted on it. Ive caught at least a thousand sand bass on it and no telling how many blues. Wish i would have traded numbers with him, haven't run into him in a while.
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