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Striper Express Randy White.jpg 

I was looking through some old posts and ran across the one Chris posted about his trip with the “Manster”.
Not sure I can reply to an archived post so posting this here in hopes it more visible, and maybe others can confirm a story I heard.
Oh, and BTW, that’s a way cool fishing trip Chris !!! [thumb]

Supposedly Randy spent a little time at Texoma back in the early 80’s.
I’m fortunate to get to visit with some “old timers” in the Gainesville Boat Club (GBC) where my in-laws have a house.
Some really aren’t that old, they’ve just been there since they were kids, parents had places in there.
Anyway this spring while Crappie fishing on the docks I got to visiting with Ernie, long time club member, retiree and resident Crappie expert.
I say that because I’m pretty sure he cleaned and ate a lake record Crappie this Spring. Clayton was fishing with him when he caught it and has a picture, easily over the current 3.23 lbs 15.5” record.
Ernie said it tasted great the next morning when we met up on the fishing pier for more story tellin’ and Crappie fishin’.
Mostly stories about the history of GBC and the folks who have been members, but one story involved Randy White.

As some folks may remember Randy was a “holdout” for the 1984 Training Camp (contract negotiations).
When reporters asked him where he was going and what he was going to do, he simply stated he was “Going Fishing”.
Well, as the story was told to me, he was a man of his word, and some of that fishing time was spent at Texoma.
Fishing Hall of Famer and Bomber Bait Co. representative and lure designer Floyd Mabry had a place in GBC, and Floyd and Randy had become friends.
Randy was a guest at Floyds house during the holdout, reporters never located Randy, and he and Floyd fished every morning.
When they’d get back from fishing Floyd and his friends would take a break from the August heat and relax.
Randy on the other hand had brought 500 lbs. of free weights with him up to the lake, and would be clanking iron in the afternoon heat each day.
Supposedly he stuck with the same fishing and workout routine every day during his holdout, and when things got worked out, he reported to the team.

Anyway, can only assume what I heard is true, but maybe if you get a chance to fish with Randy again ask him about the year he was a Training Camp Holdout.[smile]




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Awesome Dennis! Always enjoy reading about the guys fishing adventures from way back.
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