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I've been fishing mostly with the Ugly Stick Striper Rod and using Abu Line Counter reels.

I started doing this last spring with live bait.  They REALLY helped during Camp Cavett because the kids loved having a reel that when I said "Go to 35" they all got to lower the bait to 35 feet.

Then, I started using them to slab with.  Mainly cause I get tired of counting "pulls" (unless I'm by a guide boat and can count what he's doing).  [smile]

Then this winter, I've been dead sticking with them.

It is really easy to take the guess work out of "what depth am I at".

They are pretty accurate as I've checked out my dead head jig on the sonar and it's within 2 feet.

They are 7 foot 6 inch medium and medium heavy rods.  Perfect action.

They don't cast worth a flip (no pun intended).  I use them to 'flip' the dead head out about 25 feet if the fish aren't deep.

They are heavy compared to a St. Croix with a Calcutta on it.  So, you gotta be tough to use 'em all day dead sticking.

Check 'em out.  The rods are very reasonably priced at $40.

"Fish ReAct to ReAxtion Lures"
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