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Answering C Shads question asked elsewhere.  The bite at Waurika has been better lately since they finally quit letting water out. I haven't been able to fish near as much as usual lately but will give some general Waurika tips.  August is usually one of the better months for some reason.  Evenings are generally better than mornings for hybrids.  Also one of the times of the year lure guys will catch more than the shad guys.  Slabs and tail spinners are what I usually use.  Any color as long as its white or Chartuse.  1 oz. most of the time.  End of points and humps ( earthshaking news there).  Work the slabs a little faster and higher than normal, a lot will hit right after the slab stops and starts down, if your slab doesn't sink, jerk.  Keep red eye shad (lipless crankbait) and a top water handy.  If you can stand to be out there that long, believe it or not around noon there is often decent surfacing activity.

Also fish the red eye shad much like a slab, reel it up  fast a few cranks and let it fall back. make sure you have a good grip on  your rod.

I have a coupe of friends that catch lots of hybrids and they fish nothing but a 3/4 oz. white jig with a curly tail trailer or a white sassy shad type bait on a 1/2 oz. head.

One of my favorite top water baits for hybrids is a 3/8 oz. buzz bait with a shad colored tender tube glued on instead of a shirt. Works really well and if they are surfacing, that single hook is a lot easier to get out so you're ready to cast again.

When all else fails (as much as I don't like to do it)  troll.  Cover lots of water with any shad crankbait that will get down 15-17 feet. Also likely to catch sandbass and saugeyes as well.
  If you  see some old dude out in a black Tr17 triton its probably me. Give me a yell.
Having to have a pace maker put in next week so don't know when I'll be back out. Good luck.
Chasin shad

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Thanks Hoss. Good luck on the pace maker and hopefully I will see you soon out on the lake.
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