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I went out yesterday afternoon around 3.  I was just wasting some time, so I didn't even think about venturing out of the Little Mineral arm into big water to fight the wind, which was whipping pretty hard.

Just South of the Point Restaurant along the South bank I did find a huge school of striper passing through at between 15-30 ft in 45 fow.  I put the ipilot on anchor and picked at them for the better part of an hour and caught them pretty much as soon as the slab hit their depth.  They wouldn't hit anything but a minnow slab with holographic foil, but they would hit it every time.  I tried a smaller shad slab in bi-color chartreuse/white, one of the big 2.5oz RL slabs, and another bigger bicolor slab, but they didn't catch a fish.

After the sun got blocked by a cloud, they quit hitting and I moved on, but never found anything else close by worth stopping for.

Biggest one was only 14 inches, and I wasn't keeping fish yesterday, but it was a fun way to kill some time in the afternoon.  I fish out of Grandpappy Point, so I probably didn't use two gallons of gas and no lost gear, either.

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Sounds like fun!!!

It's pretty interesting to hear the guides talk about the fish habits this year.

There was a time when cloudy skies were awesome....but this summer, it seems when the cloud cover comes over, the fish turn off.  Sun out: fish turn on.  [smile]

"Fool 'Em; Don't Feed 'Em"
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