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Odd weekend for me, no kidos. My wife's sister is getting married and the fiancé went up to the lake for a bachelor party.I managed to get the invite as chaperone of the houseboat since I'm the only one who knows how to drive it. So naturally we got up Friday and drank all night and missed the fish Saturday. The bachelor spent half the morning throwing up so never got the houseboat out.

I Finally got up around 10:30 and fished the rock jetti just in front of the house. Caught a decent drum and small sand bass on small plastic jig. Fished off some rocky points with a golly whopper and caught one small bass. Tried again at sunset and not a bite.

The bachelor party goes to the casino and drinks all night. I hung back and watched some college football. Got up Sunday morning and went to the jetti and fish are popping everywhere, water boiling. I started with a Zara spook and caught some bass and a sand bass. I pulled my long caster pole out, which is just a 7ft redfish pole, with golly whopper still tied on and caught fish nonstop for about 30-45min. Mostly small striper and sand bass. Caught about 4-5 that were worth the pan, but cpr'd all. Probably 20-25 fish and one double so was pretty happy after not catching any striper since the flood.

Did not appreciate a bass boater literally parking right on top of my spot, probably 10-20 yards away mind you I'm chunking this weighted bobber with 2 feathers tied on a good 80-90 yards. The fish had started turning off by then, or I'd of not been as forgiving.
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