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Launched at High Port at 7:30 a.m. and immediately headed to the North Island cut.  Saw several swirls that I know were stripers.  I threw pencil poppers, sassys, and chug bugs.  Got one blow up on the chug  bug.  Fished that cut thoroughly from TX to OK side.  No takers.  I was pretty much stunned to be honest.  I know where the deeper holes are there which are filled with stumps.  Not a fish today.

Headed over to Long Point.  Found stripers chasing shad in 1.5 feet of water.  Repeated the chug bug and sassy.  Had one hit on a sassy but nothing on the chug bug.  I was amazed.  Fished east and west of the point with no luck.

I fished the LP Ditch almost all the way to Oil Well Point with no luck.  Plenty of fish.


Left there and went up to OWP.  Right around the bend, the birds were working.  Didn't really see any fish hitting the surface.   There was one guide boat there and they caught a few sand bass out of the swirling but no stripers.  I fished the outter edge of the action and got zero hits.  I saw the guide later and he said they caught 4 sand bass there.

Left there and motored over towards North Island point until I got into 30 fow.  Let out two hell pet rigs. and trolled through TONS of bait.


Got over to North Island.  The winds went from almost dead calm to 15 or so out of the NE.  The ambient temperature must have dropped 10 degrees in 5 minutes!!!  I figured...."there goes the fishing".  [smile]

Got to my waypoint and there was someone camped on it.  I didn't see them catch anything.  I turned the iPilot "anchor" on.  It sometimes hit 10 trying to hold the beast in place.

Found a lot of fish to slab at.  Finally connected on one.


Nothing was working.  Fish and bait all over the place but nothing would hit a lure.

I had picked up some chicken livers on the way so I let down a couple of rods with chicken livers.  Catfish were all over the place in 40 fow right off the river channel at the tip of North Island.  They do love chicken livers.....and they can steal them easily, too.  [smile]


Caught a few more for dinner.  Good eating sized cats.


Winds got pretty strong and I decided to go hide out behind the islands.  Headed down to Hog Island.  Marked a lot of fish and bait.  Slabbed for an hour or so.

Went down to the Bait Hole off Boy Scout Flats.  Marked some fish in there and I put out the catfish rods again as well as slabbed.  Musta been small catfish in there.  Little rascals kept stealing my livers.

Never got a hit on the slabs.

I saw Mark Mac riding around down there.  I recognized him but he was in a different boat so I wasn't so sure.  They motored on out and then later he called and confirmed it was him.

Went back to Highport and fished around the docks with livers looking for a few more catfish.  Had been nibbling on crackers all morning but hunger pains set in and I remembered the left over Napoli's pepperoni pizza in the frig.

So I pulled out.

A couple of guides at the dock were there.  Ice chests had sand bass and catfish in them but only one or two stripers.  One guide had 4 sand bass, 1 catfish and no stripers.

It was not a stellar day by any means.  Folks are still doing well below the dam but I ain't giving up on the lake.....yet.....

"Fish ReAct to ReAxtion Lures"
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