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Thomas Powell aka Loco Pescado got on fish again.  Thursday he fished with Roger Brown and Friday he fished with David Jones.

I couldn't go either day........  [frown]  [frown]   But I'm posting for him anyway.

They slayed the fish both days on slabs and cohos. I can't give out hints on where they went as that would not be fair at all but I'll say you didn't have to boat too far from Mill Creek.  [smile] [smile]

Green/white ghost minnow slabs and Texas Slabs in chrome with green foil were working great.  Glow cohos were the ticket for schooling fish.

The fish are wanting to chase the lure right now but the hits were best on cohos using the reel-reel-reel-stop retrieve.  The fish were hitting the coho on the fall.

We've found the same thing on slabs.  Don't hesitate to cast the slab out and bounce it back to the boat.  They'll chase it and pick it up off the bottom.

Last week, I'd let the slab lie on the bottom about 10 seconds and then just barely lift my rod tip.  They'd slam it.

Have fun!!  Fishing is good right now and will only get better!!!

"Fish ReAct to ReAxtion Lures"
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