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Fished yesterday with Thomas Powell of Loco Pescado Fishing Guide Service and Trey Bledsoe, our new youth pastor at Georgetown Baptist.

Stopped at the Mobil for sausage, egg and cheese biscuit and ran into my friend James Gargus, aka Boxman, and his son.  His kid is as tall as James is so I got a crick in my neck looking up and talking to them.  [smile] [smile]

Loco and I have known each other for so long and we jaw at each other.....I'm not sure how Trey took most of it.  [smile]

Then, we took the young chap to Moe's for a burger and we gave Karla a hard time.  [smile]  Thomas and I have known Karla for years.  Not sure how Trey took that either.

He'll get used to us.  [smile]

Learned on this trip that I am fishing entirely too early.  Fishing for top water is virtually non-existent.  So, I'm going to start following Guy Martinez' method of launching at 10 a.m.  

I'm also learning that both the dressed hook and the teaser hooks do not have to be anything other than some flash.  Been experimenting and it seems the color of the hair on the hooks doesn't influence the fish that much.  It's the flash of the dressing.....

Anyway, we headed out towards the Washita Flats.  Plenty of boats were already there.

Marked fish in 35 fow, dropped a 1.5 ounce, green Prune Picker (with silver foil on it), and immediately caught a striper.

That was it for a bit.  Couldn't believe all the fish we were marking and simply couldn't get em to hit.

Noticed shad jumping in the rocks and threw some modified cohos over there.  Nailed a few nice sand bass.

Headed out into deeper water and marked fish coming thru between 20 and 35 feet.  Still couldn't get them to hit.

Went farther north of the flats and picked up a few fish in 28 fow.  Still slabbing.

Decided to hit a few secret spots on the way in for cheeseburgers.  Drifted in 9 fow and picked up some nice fish.

Called it a day at noon and went in.  Lots of fun.  We'll turn Trey into an Old Geezer before his time.  [smile]

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