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Have had the flu but Christmas Eve I felt pretty good...for a while.  [smile]

Ran out of Highport and set out my jugs.  I used the new strawberry/garlic concoction on the Lil Smokies.

Ran over to Rock and Sandy Creeks throwing sassys and horseheads.  Fished for two hours.  Not a hit.

Came back and checked my jugs and had 7 nice catfish.

Ran down to Cardinal Cove and looked around.  Marked fish in the muddy water.

Fished sassys, horseheads, and belly spinners.  Not a hit.

Came back and check the jugs.  Had 4 more kitties.  I guess they like the strawberry because it wasn't taking them long to find it.

Came home.  Started coughing.  Been coughing every since but the 24th was a great day to be on the water!!!

"Fish ReAct to ReAxtion Lures"
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