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Launched at Highport at 10:45.  Starting battery dead as a door nail.  [smile]  I had just started the engine at home the day before to make sure all was good.  Oh well, cold weather and batteries do not get along.

I keep two extra batteries onboard.  One that runs the TM for the splasher and one that runs the bait tank.  I keep them both charged but haven't used the bait tank since July.

I swapped the bait tank battery with the starting battery and was off to the races.  A rather chilly day to be working outside with hands...brrrrr

Picked up George Pratt and we headed west.  Last time I was out there I had caught some good fish before I had to bring my poorly and underdressed neighbor in (since he was freezing).

We stopped at Mill Creek Cut to check on any schooling activity but found none.  We headed over the Sherwood Flats and found a lot of fish in 35 fow.  Drifted through them and not one hit.

Several boats were strung out along the bank of Oklahoma just east of 377 bridge so we motored over.  We ain't proud.  [smile]

LOTS of fish.  LOTS of bait.  Made two drifts and not one hit.  We slow rolled plastics and dead sticked.

Headed over to Cedar Bayou Marina.  Wind was from the SE so we drifted the hump.  Lots of fish.  No hits.  I couldn't believe it so we made another drift.  One hit.  George had his drag too loose and the fish got off before he could set the hook.

We headed further out west to Shepherd Annex.  Made a drift and caught 3 really nice fish.  Biggest about 14 - 15 #.  The two "smaller" fish were double digit fish.

We cranked up and made another drift through that area.  Nada.

Headed over to the TX side where the birds had been flying around.  We never did see any of them feeding but there was a lot of fish and bait around.

So we made a drift and not a hit.

By this time we'd been out 2.5 hours.  My fingers were starting to tingle.

So we headed in.

So Alan Webster out trolling.  They had 3 overs and two box fish.

Talked with Tom Wyatt and they had 35.  Geez he's a good fisherman.

So.....all in all a good day for big fish just not many of 'em.

"Fool 'Em; Don't Feed 'Em"

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Nice work Joe. Cold front must have give'em lock jaw[smile]
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