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Had a great morning.  Started off with a double sausage, egg and cheese croissant from VP Fuel station.  😉

Thomas Powell treated me to a morning on the lake in his boat.  He has not run it in a while so I did him the favor of helping him "blow it out".  😉  Since I helped him, I didn't chip in for gas.

Met up with Roger Brown and Dave Wand at the Highport Ramp as they were headed out.  We wound up going to the same places.  😉

We started out along the rocks by GBC.  Couldn't find any stripers but Thomas caught a nice LMB on a top water.  Of course, we threw the trash fish back.  😉

Didn't find anything surfacing over there so we headed east.  We were temporarily deceived, TWICE, by schooling gar. [frown]

Went to an flat area where the water was 4 - 7 feet deep.  Started catching stripers on a new plastic I'm trying and on a ReAxtion Ghost Minnow with silver foil.  Thomas was keeping fish today so he went home with a good box of fish.

We released I don't know how many.  Some were about 4 inches but we had some good box fish mixed in.

Ran into Roger and Dave out on the water.  I watched Roger skillfully land a 5" gizzard shad.

Breeze started dying about 10 a.m.  By 10:30, we decided it was time to eat.....again.

So we had lunch at Arroyo's where Thomas bought.....

Great day.  Free trip and lunch and fish.  Doesn't get any better.

Be blessed!!

"Fish ReAct to ReAxtion Lures"
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