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I keep a ton of slabs in the boat.  Imagine that.  😉  Wife is always picking at me about carrying 9 rod rigged with different swim baits and slabs.

I launched early and caught a few in the dark on Pencil Poppers.  Soon as the sun popped up, that was over.  😉

Started slabbing.  Marking fish all over the place but with few bits.

Kept at it rotating rods until I dropped a Silver Ice Ghost on 'em.  It was on.  Caught fish for the next hour.  Nothing over 16" but what a hoot!!

I've been doing well on these for sure.


The key to slabbing (at least for me) has been to keep using a different slab until you find what they want.  As Bill Dance says "they'll tell ya".

Slabs come in so many shapes, sizes, colors etc. it's often a process to figure them out.

I was ripping the slab.  That is reel,reel,reel as fast as I could and let it fall.  They'd often hit it during the reel, reel, reel....  😉

Good Fishing!!!

"Fool 'Em; Don't Feed 'Em"
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