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Ventured out early to see what has happening.  Ran into Roger Brown and Dave Wand out there.  They got to witness me working the new 0.75 ounce RL slab.  I always fish with the lures I screw up...but the size, shape and color were what they were wanting. The slab I was using had a dent in the bottom and no eyes.....but it's what they wanted.  😉

They were hitting the RL shape after ignoring the Prune Pickers and Ghost Minnows.  So, I'm always prepared.  😉  I carry 8 rods so that I'm not dinking with tying on lures constantly.  If they won't hit one, I'll just pick up another one.  😉

I should have waited prior to launching at 6:45 as the action didn't really get cranked up until 8 a.m. or so.

There were MANY boats in that area.  But I enjoyed watching people crank up and chase around every time they saw the surface break.  A lot of those surface breaks were gar.  😉

Then, a bird would swoop down, and there the boats went again.  Too funny.  😉

I caught 60 (before I quit counting) and never moved the boat more than 75 yards.....

When the fish are sufacing....especially 8 to 10" fish, there are always bigger fish around but you gotta "fish" for 'em.  By that I mean, the larger fish will be in the area "cleaning" up what the smaller, energetic fish are leaving behind.

The only lures I used were lures that I fished on the bottom.  While Dave and Roger sat there for about 4 minutes talking, I was constantly reeling in fish.  They asked for R&D samples.  I said "no".  😉

I kept 10 nice fish (15 - 19") for the freezer.  I wiped out my supply on Labor Day at the annual church fish fry.  😉

I threw one fish at the live well but he bounced off and landed in the trough on the middle log of my tritoon.  When I got back to the boat house, I couldn't find it.  I guess he jumped out while I was running down the lake.  😉

I fished using the stuff below.  The plastics that are torn up landed about 125 fish in between the 3 of them.  Pretty tough stuff.  I call them the Magic Shad on the web site.

image1.jpeg  image2.jpeg  IMG_5857.jpg  seashad1.jpg  seashad2.jpg  seashad3.jpg 

"Fish ReAct to ReAxtion Lures"
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