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Headed out yesterday morning.  I really wanted to sleep late.  😉

But I had to meet John Blasingame with an order.  😉

Launched from Highport about 7:15.  A little windy but not too bad.

I headed off North Island and hit an area I had been fishing but nothing doing so......

Wind was blowing pretty good outta the south so I headed north to fish the rocks where the waves would be crashing.

Pulled up in 25 feet of water and set the iPilot spot lock.

First on.

I sat there in that one spot for an hour and caught a limit.  Biggest fish was 26" (CPR'd).

Doing a fish fry for Four Rivers Outreach on Friday so I kept 10 good box fish.

I headed over to the Cross to see what was going on there.  First on.  Not sure how big it was but I did see it right before it broke me off.  I use 15# flurocarbon leader so it was a good one.

Fish started coming through in large schools but I could not get them to hit a slab.  So, I kept fishing sassys.

Left arm started hurting (I'm old), so I came on in.  Met up with George and Roger as they were heading towards Highport.

It was a great morning.

The fish were hitting the sassy on the fall.  Prolly in 15 feet of water since the boat was in 25 - 30 fow.  I'd reel reel reel stop.  They'd pick it up off the bottom.

Prolly could have caught some on the rocks throwing Chug Bugs but I didn't have any tied on and the fishing was great with sassys.

Ya need to get out there.  Fishing is awesome right now!!

"Fish ReAct to ReAxtion Lures"
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