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Sunday 12/7


Same song 2nd verse, gonna get bait and plan on LiveStickin’ and DeadStickin’….

After my long period of “concentration” Saturday afternoon…

I finally took the time to patch all the holes in my net…..

Decided “she” could also use a little TLC, so let her soak overnight in some smell good fabric softener.


We eased into the bait area, I was a kinda excited about a Fresh Smelling Net with No-Holes… [smile]

As I let it roll off my fingertips I could smell the Freshness….April Fresh Lilac I believe it was….

Oh how nice it worked, first throw was 30 nice baits, some big, some small and few Threads even….

She had new feel to her and was workin’ like a champ…..

‘Bout that time Clayton hollered out the screen is loaded with bait….

I loaded her up, made a 2nd throw….it was a circular thing a beauty, rare for me….
I let her settle down to the bottom…

As the rope grew slack I started to draw her up….she went about 2 inches and stopped….


I mean wouldn’t budge, not even enough to close-up around something…just strange….

I couldn’t even feel the net tearing….I gut-strained to start breakin’ the main lines….

Broke all but three and finally got the Lead Line up to the surface….

I grabbed it, it see-sawed back-n-forth like it was looped around, or through sumtin’…just weird…..

Cut it thinkin’ maybe I could pull it through….
No luck, pulled a bunch up to the boat and had to cut it again….


Needless to say…..smellin’ good or not, she was a complete loss…. [frown]

I now have a $100 piece of rope…which I’ll gladly sell for 50% Off and Free Shipping… [smile]IMG-3204_12-7-14.jpg 


We almost didn’t fish today, we were “On the Clock” the minute we woke-up…

Knew we couldn’t fish very long as we had to leave early today…busy time of the year….

But…..The weather forecast looked ideal, light winds, heavy cloud cover….

I thought this day could be Epic….but it wasn’t getting off to a very good start…..

I pulled out a smaller spare net and was getting 2-3 a throw….

Smaller net, not sinkin’ as a fast, bad throws, D- All of the Above….I dunno…


I talked to a guy in a nearby boat….

He’d seen my struggles and said he’d lost a brand new net in the exact same spot…

He mentioned where he’d got some bait, so I eased over that way and picked up a few more….

It wasn’t long before he came back towards us and said he’d caught a couple dozen for us….

I’m pretty quick to give-up on Society....
But......about the time you do, you run across a nice guy like this…. [smile]


Appreciative of the extra baits we headed out to where we’d started the day before….

Didn’t mark’em quite as good, but decided to drift anyway, pulled a couple but it was real slow…

It was pretty foggy, I prolly stayed with the area way too long...



Tried a couple other spots, only a few birds scoutin’ the area, none workin’ that we could see….

I’m a little slow to give-up on a Drift, you get ready to pull-up and you’ll mark some, or pull one….

I guess I feel like I’ll eventually drift into some so I stayed in a bad area for too long…..

Just seems easier to quit an Anchor, opposed to a Drift...
A couple of hours in and we only had 4-5 fish or so….


Way slower than the day before and none on Deadstick???


We had about 30 minutes before we had to quit and I thought we gotta try sumtin’ different…

Ran up shallower….thought maybe with the mild temps and cloud cover they’d moved….

I guess maybe at least a few of them did, nice marks on a depth change from 35’ up to 20’….

In 20 minutes or so we caught as many as we’d caught all morning and only made one short drift…


Time was up, so we headed in, wishing I hadn’t stuck with the original spots as long as I did….

Here’s what we kept….



I cleaned one with a Fluke in its belly….


Ax was this the Giant Near Record Fish that you fought, pulled off and lost earlier in the week ??? [smile] [smile]



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Great report Dennis. Sorry bout your net. What style hook and size are you using when bait fishing? Also how much weight do you use? Glad you and Clayton are catching a few.[smile]

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Cabin Fever Adventures

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Looks like you made the boys days!!! Good story

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Got supper and a free Fluke. Hard to beat that.

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Appreciate the comments….[smile]


JoeSlab…90%  of the time I use a 2/0 Gamakatsu Finesse Wide Gap Hook and 1 oz. Egg Sinker.

Rigged up like a Carolina Rig for Bass Fishin’, or some folks call it a Fish Finder Rig…weight, bead, swivel, leader & hook.


I’ll change it up sometimes….

Maybe this is more info than’ya need, or care for, but here goes anyway….



Drifting deep it’s nice to have a little extra weight, say a 1-1/2 oz. to 2 oz. Egg Sinker.

Helps you better determine how deep you’re baits are drifting, because it keeps your line more vertical, straight down.

The lighter weights, let your baits swing-up to where your line is on a diagonal, it’s a guess on how deep you’re really fishing.


Sometimes I’ll also use heavier weights when fishing bigger Gizzards.

This keeps them from being able to “drag” the weight over to their “buddy” on the next rod over creating a tangled mess.


I’m sure lots of folks just use a 2 oz. all the time.


My rods are kind of light duty compared to “setups” that have to withstand daily use, by sometimes novice fisherman.

I use 6’6” MH “Bass Fishing” graphite rods, mostly used stuff, $20-$30 apiece stuff, coupled with used Abu 4600 reels.

The lighter weights are not so “over-bearing” on the lighter setups.


Weight Chart

 Egg Sinkers.jpg 



I use a #1 or 1/0 Finesse Wide Gap on Shiners and small Threads.
I think the smaller hook lets the bait swim more freely.

It also doesn’t tear a huge hole in the Shiner’s Lips, or the Threads Nostrils.


I use the same hook in a 2/0 for everything else, especially these 4”-5” Gizzards which is mostly all I’m getting these days.

I happened to be in a Wal-Mart when they were closing-out these Gamakatsu’s….they’re quality hooks, so I bought’em…

I bought 20 packages or so, for a .50 cents to a $1 a pack (pack of 6 hooks)…..these are normally like .50 cents per hook…

You don’t have to use this brand….


Kahle hooks are very good as well…..can’t go wrong there…



Gamakatsu Finesse Wide Gap.jpg   



I use 15 lbs. mono main line, with 15 lbs. Flouro Leader 18”-24”, I’ve even used 12 lbs. Flouro leader.

You don’t have to use Flouro, I do for its clarity & abrasion resistance…

After a day of fishing the 1” -2” of leader right above the hook will be “scuffed” up from the fishes teeth….

Is it less scuffed up w/Flouro vs. Mono…..I don’t know….
Does leader visibility really matter…sometimes...maybe…is Mono fine....sure it is.....

Get a school of fish fired up and feedin’….I believe you could run 30 lbs. line and leader down there and you’d be fine….

Flouro or Mono….Do you still have to re-tie your hooks and eventually re-leader…..yes….


This is just what I use, just my opinions, there’s lots of good options out there….

The folks that do it every day and have experimented with different options….they have it dialed-in….[smile]


Don’t get to thinkin’ you need to get too fancy with it…[smile]

Get some weights, get some fairly decent hooks, but not too huge, bait’em & drop’em on some fish…You’ll be good to go…[smile]




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good info. Dcurt.
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