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Jerry "JD" Dorsey

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I am not sure that my failure to post is that I am getting slow, (age 76 in 5 more days) or that my memory is such that it cant hold too much, or remember too much, at 75.  I can see I am feeling my age, although it does not seem to affect me when I am fishing.   My wife asks for some help around the house, and my arthritis prevents me from being effective, until she reminds me how well I do, when in a boat and in the water.   Hard to argue those points.  I have fished a lot in the past few months, but September slowed down a bunch, I guess because kids going back to school, and all the other busy things people do this time of the year.  I have not had a bad day fishing in a long time, and guess I could attribute it to working with guides like Colt Brust, Steve Thompson and Mike Scott.   All very good fishermen, and we work together to see that everyone finds fish.   I have been getting close to a limit every trip, and if I don't, its because I can not catch anything but lots of big fish.  It seems in the last few weeks that is changing, as catching lots of 19 inch fish, at different locations.  I find fish in mainly shallow water right now, but they are in deep water also, some times.  Hard to know what to do, if that happens every day.  Fish are moving very fast, and not in one location very long.   I have used umbrella rigs for some time, mainly its the way I like to fish, and find my customers like the results also.   I use different colors, and try to make some of my lures, look like injured, with lots of reds around nose.  Seems some colors work different on different days, but brightness is key!   Weather if cooling down so fishing with be superb until it gets real cold, and tactics will change then.   Look forward to seeing you guys on the water, wave and have a great time fish Lake Texoma.  Call Cross Creek Guide Service, out of Little Mineral Resort, if you need a guide.   903-786-3981.  
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jerry d Dorsey

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Nice job, Jerry!!
"Fish ReAct to ReAxtion Lures"
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