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Now History - Did get to fish Friday the 20th and Saturday the 21st.   Ran out of Catfish Bay.  

Friday - Some birds and boat show between Hog Pen and Lakeside area.  Drop a favorite...and caught several nice sandies.  Further south was some major bird action.   Threw a U-rig and filled a small striper limit plus some nice sandies. 

Saturday - same start - went to east bank as previous day.  Saw some bird action over north of RR bridge west end - no big splashes.   Threw a U-rig  and caught some nice sandies.  Drug around the rig and caught some more with some stripers mixed in.  

OKSTATE kickoff was at 11am............But a boat show and birds were over east where I started.  I couldn't resist.........A bunch of nice sandies and a few stripers.  

Guess I need a cable subscription for OKSTATE games.  Had to go to casino late to see the OKSTATE game on TV..........Wife unhappy.  OKSTATE won!

Will return this weekend.  GO OKSTATE beat WVU

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From one OSU to another Poke fan the cowboys pulled it off and this weekend against Zero U should be a great game.  I take a great day on the lake with great fishing over watching football.  I put all my faith in the pokes while catching fish.  This coming weekend should be another great time for fishing with the weather in the 80's.
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