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Meant to post this yesterday…but, was busier than a One-Armed Paper Hanger…

You know someone has to keep a little moolah flowin’ into the Social Security System….

Folks like Ax drawin’ checks, and new folks like Loco jumpin’ on the bandwagon….

Ax even said he got sumtin’ like a 1.7% raise this year because he was doin’ such a good job…..[smile]


Hadn’t fished since Dec. 6 & 7…

Surface temps then were low-mid 50’s, low 40’s now….50’s were great…40’s not so much….

We like to have the Live Bait option….that took longer than it should have….

Numerous throws we’d only get 2-3, about an hour or so later we prolly had 55-60, only a few Threads.


Started lookin’ in the Channel East of Buncombe and worked our way West from there...

Saw a couple Birds scoutin’ around, they hit the water a couple of times, didn’t last long.


Sunrise over the Sod Farm….



Continued West not marking much of anything all the way to Cedar Bayou.

Hadn’t even dropped a line yet, decided to avoid the breezy South wind and drift out from CB.

Live Bait & Deadstickin’…only had one Catfish type pull-down, short fight and it came un-hooked.

Looked around some more back towards 377, drifted a little more with Bait and DeadStick’s….nothing.


Baffled we can’t mark anything we run back East checking spots in Big Mineral as far as Walnut Creek…nothing much.

We run further East, check the Channel near Mill Creek and over near Treasure Island….more of nothin’…..

Crazy as it sounds the “best marks” were between 377 and CB… we run back that way to try some different spots.

And I mean Marks that I wouldn’t even consider slowin’ down for on a Normal Day, let alone Fishing…..


Lookin’ at the graph we have Zero Confidence, but can’t catch anything without some lines in the water.

So…..we try some more driftin’….tried anchoring……still nothing….

We finally just anchored, chummed, and Catfished for about 20 minutes, just trying to get the Skunk Off !!!


Luckily we found one Blue willing to participate…..

Clayton protested a little, but we CPR’d it….I think he might be part Mississippian? [smile]



One reason for making the trip to the lake was to celebrate Shannon’s Grandmother’s Birthday.

Expecting a bunch of family and she wanted to have a Fish Fry….

Luckily before we left home on Friday Shannon mentioned the Fish Fry Plans…

I said, “Well, we’d better take some, because I know all too well how my luck will play-out on this deal."


Boy was I glad we did…here’s my “coffin pic” for the day….fish were fried….they just weren’t fresh caught. 



I’d texted Ax saying we couldn’t mark anything and asked him what he’d done with all the fish???

Mentioned I needed Fish Found, Caught, Cleaned, and Fried by 6:30 that evening and we’d caught nothing.

He offered us some Catfish he had in the freezer….I told him we’d brought some fish from home “just in case”….

kinda felt bad declining his offer….It’s rare to find a Mississippian willing to give up his Catfish !!! [smile]


It’d be nice to know where they were hiding, but I’m sure they’ll show up somewhere….

Seeing other Posts and talking to a couple folks…..Seems to be a good time for Trophy Huntin’…[smile]





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Poor kid. Dad you made a mistake when you allowed him to become to become a member of TEAM AX. [frown] Appears to be a great kid so hopefully it's not too late[biggrin] As always, thanks for the posts and especially the pics.

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HaHa...Yeah Rowdy…..I gotta keep an eye on Clayton’s “runnin’ buddies”...

Think they may be a bad influence….

It starts with Catfish……then before I know it he’ll be fishing in a pair of Big Smith’s… [smile]


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