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Since the 27th late launch didn't work out too well, I launched at 5:30 at Highport and caught live bait.  The shad seemed to have moved out of the marina but are plentiful out in the river.  Shad in some spots were as shallow as 15 feet.  Out by the islands shad were plentiful at 20 feet.

Since I had not done well going out west, I headed for Colber Boat Club where I ran into a pretty good fog bank coming down from Okie Land.


As usual, no problem marking fish and bait.  As usual, no takers.

I saw birds working along Platter's Flat in 15 fow but I couldn't get the fish to take anything.

I 'anchored' up in 40 feet of water.  Fish were coming through at 25 to 30 feet.  I put out 4 rods and waited.  Got nervous a little as I could hear boats coming through the guy came within 50 feet but they were very careful and on the look out for boats.



No takers on either bait, slabs, or sassy shad.

Headed up off the west wall of Washita Point but didn't mark much.

Went south to Miller's Cove.  Marked fish, put out live bait and drifted while slabbing and throwing sassys.  Nada.

Headed over to Mac Creek and marked a good number of fish.  Slipped into the cove just west of Mac.  Got all set up.  Not a boat in sight....and then......

Pic2 10 29.JPG 

 I had company.  Not another boat in sight but they come to visit me.  [smile]

Left there and headed to the tip of North Island.  You can pretty much always find fish there.  Getting them to bite is another story....

About 11 a.m., I could hear the pitter patter of "rain".  Haven't heard that in a while!  There musta been an area of about an acre with surfacing stripers.

They wouldn't hit live bait, sassys, or slabs.  So I put on a ReAxtion Lures Tail Zinger and it was on.  I steadily got hit for about 15 to 20 minutes.  The largest I caught:


But the good news is there were tons of them this size.  They'll grow fast and next year we should be catching these little rascals except they'll be bigger.  [smile]

Left there and headed down to the catfish hole off Buncombe Creek.  Drifted shad there for 30 minutes then left for a cheeseburger.  Nice relaxing day on the water and no fish to clean.  [smile]

"Fish ReAct to ReAxtion Lures"

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Great report Ax! appreciate all your reports. Wish I had some of my own. [smile]

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Good report. I think Texoma and Pk had awesome striper spawns this year. There are coves and sloughs at Pk where you can catch 8-16 inch stripers as fast as you can drop live shad on them with the vast majority of the fish under 10 inches. I was able to get a few on lures but you had to catch them shallow and chasing shad on the surface. With live shad, I found that you could not just drop a shad down on a hook and expect to get bit. You had to drop to the bottom, real up two turns then give a one turn about every 10-15 seconds. Hard to get noticed in a cloud of bait.

I still fish Texoma occasionally, but mostly for crappie now. Striper bite is too tough for me this year. I bet that will change pretty soon when those 'lil feller's' get bigger.


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With lots of available food, how fast will a striped bass like Ax was catching grow?
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