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I’m no guide, but thanks to this site, I get ideas where to hunt for the fish. A friend and his father wanted to go fishing, and they had not seen each other for the past 3 years. So, I felt some what under pressure to find them some. We launched from Eisenhower and I took them over to East Burns Run area. We got over there about 7:30am. We decided to fish with swim baits, top water torpedoes and whopper ploppers, and threw a chartreuse little George as well. Between the dam and rv Park we caught 20 ranging 13-20” and caught one large mouth bass as well. They seemed to stop biting around 11:30am. It was kind of funny, when Kenny, the son, caught the first fish then released it......the dad said what are you doing that’s good eaten size. Thus we started keeping enough for a nice fish fry. Oh and the father had never used a top water lure. It was exciting to see his reaction as he would catch one that way.

My next endeavor is to figure out where to catch catfish. I’ve got the Danny King stick bait. But all I’ve caught are non keeper size.

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Good deal!!  Glad you got on 'em.

With cooler weather.....blues will be on the prowl.  That's when I start jugging in earnest for catfish.

Right now, I'm catching up to 10# catfish in my boat slip using Danny King's blood punch bait.  

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