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Jerry "JD" Dorsey

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I know there are some favorable reports coming from below the dam, but the past week has been one of my most unhappy times.   I also hear of some damages coming from vehicles and boats because of the fury below the dam, but still catching fish.  I run near the outlet, and hear the rumble of the fury at the bottom of the overflow.  I have driven below the area, just to see complete roads wiped out, and water running like crazy, flowing at a rage to find some spot to spread out and relax.   I have seen the color of red, until I am red in the face, as my hunt for big fish has exhausted the last week.  I thank God for such an awesome last year, but one cannot live on past experiences.   I have seen flooded building, houses, businesses, and it saddens me more, that someone would worry over catching a fish, when so many business and home owners have suffered the devastation of loss of property, and so much money.  I have put so much time and effort into my business, and love of the lake, that family has quit inviting me to family funerals, since I have missed out on so much with them, to live a life of wonderful, one a place I find normally so fine and beautiful.   Times will return, and with the lake coming down each day, we will soon see some signs of normalcy, if that could not come soon enough.   I have fished in trees so long, I am beginning to bark, one has to be a little cute at times to ward off the hurts.   At Little Mineral, the guys are working around the clock to take care of their customers, and fend off the waters, even to the point of rescuing an older man who fell in the water, saved by their quickness.   Boathouses finding their own spots to rest, account of the high winds and water.   I have seen snakes seeking spots to rest from swimming so far for some type of rest area.  Floating trees, logs, leaves, everything you can think of, which at one time had a solid foundation.  This being a record flood on Lake Texoma, will leave many people so sadden from their losses, it will takes lots and time and work, to recover.  I can assure you with the fine people around this lake, they will soon be rebuilding, renewing those locations, in time, to return to one of the most beautiful lakes, and recreation areas in the World.    Pray for their efforts, and keep everyone in mind, everyone deserves a big hand for suffering through this flood.   As bleak as it might sound, Good Fishing....JD

J. D. Dorsey - CrossCreek Guide Service - Lake Texoma -    903-786-3981


jerry d Dorsey

Posts: 4
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Truly devastating Jerry. Your words sum it up accurately, God speed to those who have been hurt by the flooding.

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As much as I would love to spend some time on the river fishing I refuse to mix it up with the caliber of folk I have read about that is dominating the walls and banks right now.  I fish for pleasure. I love a nice fish fry.  But I ain't gonna be a part of the littering low life crew that is dominating the scene below the dam right now.  It just ain't worth it to me.  When things settle and the release and current isn't so violent I'll be out there in my boat giving it a go. But the bank?  Not me or my family.  Its a shame how these people behave and the mess they leave behind.

I also pray for those who have suffered loss around Texoma. 

I'm frustrated because we had planned so much time on the lake this year on the new Pontoon.  This flood has totally changed our summer plans.  But our inconvenience is nothing compared to the loss so many have endured. 

The spirit of Texoma will motivate those with so much to do.  They will recover.  They will rebuild and it will be the great lake it always has been again.

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