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We fished and put out 28 jugs Saturday and Sunday way out west.  We started out using a big bag of AxMans little smokie mix.  Smokies with a box of strawberry jello and some minced garlic.  We only caught 4 small blues on the smokies.  We then caught shad, in the middle of the day.  Just go out in 30 feet of water near the mouth of any cove and throw your net.  If you don't catch any, your doing something wrong.  We then went and switched all the jugs over to live shad right before night fall.  Sunday morning went back to gather up all the jugs and had about 25 very nice blues and 6 or so channel cats, biggest blue was around 20 pounds.  Our best string was right across from Sheppard AFB Annex on the Okie side near the river channel.  Set all our jugs in 23 to 18 feet of water right along the ledge of the river channel.  We tried and tried pole fishing all day Saturday and did not get a single bite.  Fished the mouth of several coves west of Willis going toward Sheppard.  We marked lots of fish along with TONS of shad, but could not buy a bite.  Not a single bite!!!  Very frustrating.  Sounds like we should have been east of Willis?

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I really don't think it matters where you fish, at-least thats what im starting to think. The fish are there, albeit scattered, but with SOO much bait how can you compete? I mark good fish everywhere i go. I especially marked a lot of fish up near the red-river mouth but the bite was equally as good as down by big mineral. Im going Way east next to see if clear water makes a difference. I doubt it will but hey you never know these days
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