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If this needs to go to somewhere else mods can move it. I do a lot of reading on here but not much posting. If I actually got to Texoma regular I'd post more. Unfortunately my one trip there was kind of a loser so haven't had the big push to get back though I will try to this summer.

What I'm wondering about is "thumping". Since I was old enough to drop things in the bottom of the boat I've been told not to even bump the boat since this sent shock waves down to scare fish off. Then I learned that some striper guides smack the water with an old fish pole to create the sounds of fish feeding and stir up the bite and keep fish under the boat (hopefully). Now I read about thumping and even have read some started their thumper, like it was a mechanical thing.

What's the story on this new to me form of holding fish? Does it only work on fiberglass boats with double bottoms? I would think an aluminum single hull boat be a bad idea? What if the aluminum boat had a false floor?

Any thoughts on this or explanations would be appreciated.


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I have lifted my trolling motor prop half out of the water to make a splasher, and fish would start jumping all over. YouTube has videos of thumping to start stripers feeding. There is also a speaker device that plays feeding sounds under water. 
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