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JWC Nauticstar

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It's September, I'm getting excited about the 21st.
Keep the top water action going.

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So far, only 10 folks have contacted me....

For those who haven't attended one before:

Fun tournament
100% payout
$10 per person entry fee
$10 per person if ya wanna get in on the big fish pot

Food furnished after the weigh in

This year, we are going to do a fish fry.  Fish donated by RYAN FROST.  Many thanks, Ryan.

We will have fries, hushpuppies, etc. courtesy of Paul Casperson, owner of Willow Springs Marina

Tournament is from 7 a.m. until noon.

You can launch anywhere you want....but you have to be in line for weigh in no later than 12:30.

Fish weigh in will be in the first boat house on the left as you enter into Willow Springs Marina.

You can weigh in your best 5 fish.  NO FISH CAN BE WEIGHED IN OVER 20" AS PART OF THE '5 FISH' CATEGORY

For big fish, there is no size limit.....

Fish weighed in must have been caught by the person weighing 'em in.  We do this on the honor no fudging.  😉

I will be at Willow Springs Marina from 5 p.m. until 7 p.m. on Friday evening before the tournament.

I'll also be at the ramp at 6 a.m. the morning of the tournament.  I can register you and get your money at either time.

If you are launching from another ramp and can't register at either of these times, you MUST send me an email so I can register you.

Unfortunately, we have had some folks who say they are fishing the tournament and then not show up/pay up if they don't do well.

This takes away part of the fun and makes the payouts lower.  

The tournament is in honor of the Six Old Geezers and is all about fun and fellowship.

It'll be a great time.

So if you are not going to be at Willow Springs Marina to register, send me an email and the number of folks fishing with you.

Also, denote if you want in on the big fish pot as well.  Thanks!!

"Fish ReAct to ReAxtion Lures"
JWC Nauticstar

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I sent you an email so hopefully that increased the numbers.
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